Home buyers usually have a wishlist of what they are looking for when they are purchusing a new home. Some want to have the top floor, others want to have the corner apartment, but its usually difficult to know what is available and if it fits their needs.

The interactive Home-Selector from ProNest allows home buyers to know the status of each unit just by moving the mouse over the image of your promotion, giving information about availability, size and other key information.  By clicking, they will enter a detailed prospect page where they can find the full sales description of the house they are interested in, with contact information to the sales responsable. All managed from the integrated ProNest CRM. The Home-Selector is an add-on to ProNest One with automatic synchronization.

Try the demo below to see how it could look on your promotion.

Key Features

See availability on your promotion

Integrated with ProNest One

Interactive Home-Selector map

Complete pricelist

Real time updates from ProNest CRM


Users will see the status of each property in the promotion

Customers can get informed by themselves, lowering the decission time

Intuitive design


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